Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For February & March 1998

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Both Les and Warren gave talks at the XIWT meeting in San Francisco earlier this month, Les spoke to the main meeting about End-to-End Internet performance monitoring and Warren talked to the Internet Performance Working Group about the tools SLAC is developing under the IEPM funding.

Les has been championing the MRTG graphing program, both in terms of encouraging sites to use it and disclose the results and using it as a general purpose graphing tool as part of the PingER package. He has also worked with CERN and ESnet to iron out discrepencies in the data.

Les has been talking with the people at RAL to get information on upgrades to the UK-US link, which our monitoring shows is quite poor.

Les has been working with a statistician from ORNL to ensure the accuracy of the claims made about the results of the monitoring.

Les and Warren have been working on understanding and deploying a NIMI probe at SLAC, the machine should be up and running soon and work will begin looking at how the results cofirm or conflict with results from the IEPM monitoring.


Warren has been developing the PingER package to provide a complete and easily-installed version of the SLAC IEPM tools. Several sites have expressed interest in being involved in a beta test.

Warren has extended the functionality of the perl Report Generator program, to enable report to be compiled for all the metrics (loss, response, zero packet loss frequency, unpredictability, unreachability) for multiple collection site data.

Warren has extended the tools for Grouping the Data, including a new tool to display results from all the 14 collection sites for all the sites monitored, including options to group by top level domain or continent. Furthmore the continent option allows links back to table in order to view the links it is reporting on (please note these links will no longer work after the programs go into production).

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Revised 20 March 1998
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