Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For January & February 1998

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Put together a proposal for a further year of funding for the IEPM effort. Contacted Vern Paxson to get him to review it, discussed the proposal with George Sewernyia and submitted it to DOE.

Talked to Vern about procuring NIMIs. Advised David Williams of CERN concerning installing a NIMI at CERN. Discussed via Email with Karita at KEK and Jeffries at RAL to see if they are interested in locating a NIMI at their sites. They are interested, will follow up at the March ICFA meeting at CERN.

Talked with Ira Richer (the chair of the XIWT/IPWT) and started monitoring their partner sites. Also worked with the chair of the XIWG to accept an invitation to speak at the XIWT meeting in San Francisco meeting in March.

Started focussing our efforts on preparing talks for the IPWT and the XIWT meetings in San Francisco and the IETF meeting at CERN.


PingER Package

We have packaged  together a number of the tools collectively known as PingER. The user runs a program that examines their local system and determines the location of perl 5 and ping, then they run make and timeping, and the neccessary libraries and configuration files are generated in working order. Warren is working on generating the 180-Day plots.

Report Generator

Warren has developed a perl script that reads in the data generated by timeping and formats it for use by pinghistory similarly to SAS. This program can be used by collection sites that do not have SAS to analyse their data. This program will become part of the PingER. He is  also working on extending it to enable it to work for multiple collection site data stored at archive sites.

IEPM Home Page

Waren has configured the new IEPM web server configured it so different web pages are served if the visitor calls each name (these links only work inside the SLAC firewall). He's working on updating relevant web pages, and creating new ones to document the new features. These will become available on the main slac website at the appropriate time.

Grouping the Data

Warren has appended the full node name to the table displayed by offsite_mon, but this program has been obseleted by the increased functionality of pinghistory, in particular it now shows all the groups listed in the offsite.nodes file. The script succesfully picks up the group XIWG although there is no data to be displayed.


The machine has been purchased and is ready at SLAC. It has an IP address and name ( ). As soon as the NIMI team release the code, we should be ready for action.


Warren is preparing two talks. One to be given to the Cross-Industry Working Team and Internet Performance Working Team (XIWT/IPWT) at their next meeting on March 3rd, the other to the Energy Sciences Steering Committee (ESSC) at their meeting March 23rd.

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