Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For December 1997 & January 1998

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With Vern Paxson & the people from the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center pinned down what we need to order to get started on NIMI deployment.

Prepared, got review, completed and distributed 30 page December 1997 Interim Report of the ICFA-NTF Monitoring Working Group.

Wrote a one page summary of networking activities for the ESnet Yearly Report.

Attended the January XIWT/IPWT phone conference.

Worked with Jim Leighton and Chin Guok of ESnet to understand the ESnet monitoring reports on link utilization that go back to 1990. Re-analyzed the data to provide reports on long term utilization trends for several HENP sites.

With Valeri Federov, a statistician from ORNL, discussed statistical experiment design techniques and how they might be relevant to optimizing the selection of collection sites etc. Also provided Valeri with information on how to access our raw data.

Worked with Elsevier to push forward publication of work on network monitoring in Computer Physics Communications.

Consulted with Walter Toki of Colorado State and also a member of the ESSC, on issues to do with the performance of the SLAC - Colorado State link.

Prepared Network Monitoring - Status report for the ESSC. Attended ESSC meeting in Washington and presented talk. Had many useful discussions with attendees.


Grouping the Data

Long Term Analysis

Network Maps / Anemone


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Revised 29 January 1998
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