Status Report for SLAC/DOE IEPM Project

For August & September 1997

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Wrote job description and requisition to hire a software engineer to work on the project, got approval for the post. Posted job requisition, reviewed response, interviewed possible candidates, selected person, wrote justification, got agreement on salary, made offer, hired person (Warren Matthews), ensured appropriate environment (office space, phone, computer account, workstation) would be in place ready for his arrival on 15th September. Wrote up list of tasks to get started on, and worked with Warren to get him started and point him to the appropriate sources of information.


Attended ICFA-NTF/ESnet International and ESSC meetings in Santa Fe. Gave presentations on The ICFA-NTF Working Group on Monitoring Status & How is the Internet Performing for HEP, Next Steps for the ICFA-NTF WG on Monitoring, and a Summary of the ICFA-NTF WG on Monitoring Activities and Plans for the ESSC. Chaired the ICFA-NTF WG on Monitoring sub-meeting. Also had many useful discussions with members of the monitoring WG in particular Dave Martin of FNAL/HEPNRC and Paul Jeffries of RAL. With other ICFA-NTF people cam up with a prioritized list of tasks to address next.

Invited to attend and make a presentation at the Cross Industry Working Team (XIWT) Internet Performance Working Team (IPWT) meeting in Austin. Prepared presentation, attended meeting and gave presentation on Internet End-to-end Performance Monitoring, Methodology, Tools & Results.

One outcome of the meeting was that the SLAC/HEPNRC tools for end-to-end performance monitoring have been selected to be deployed at about 6 XIWT member sites (as I recall this included CyberCash, SBC, Intel, Houston Associates, BellSouth) with Intel acting as the Archive site. The XIWT/IPWT want to measure performance of their members' own networks, and get some tests up to validate and understand what should be recommended to other commercial customers and for what purposes. A goal is to build a community within XIWT so can evolve it to address harder issues.

At the meeting I also had many useful discussions with Tracy Monk of NLANR concerning joint development of Java visualization tools for looking at data we are gathering, and with John Quarterman concerning sharing long-term traceroute data. After the meeting, I communicated with Tracy Monk to further coordinate the development of Java tools and provide information on where to get our tools and data. I also communicated with Guy Almes of the IETF/IPPM to look into deploying his Surveyor platforms at a few DOE sites. The Surveyor is a PC running BSDI with a GPS interface. The GPS provide accurately synchronized timestamps allowing the Surveyors to make one way time measurements.


Started developing CGI scripts to massage the long term tabular ping data on loss, response, unreachability, unpredictability, measuring network quiescent and busy frequencies and providing alerts, in order to allow sorting, navigating to further information, and provision of data to a user in a format suitable for tools such as Excel. Also coordinated efforts between SLAC and HEPNRC to extend SLAC's SAS analysis tools to work with the new data format.

Wrote a suite of Web pages to provide information on the tools we are developing in order to allow easier access and disemmination of information to collaborating sites.

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Revised 23 September 1997
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