Trip report for Pakistan visit of Dr. R. Les Cottrell, March 2005

I have just returned from a two week visit to Rawalpindi, Pakistan where I visited the National University of Science and Technology's (NUST) Institute of Information Technology (NIIT). This was a most successful trip hosted by Dr. Arshad Ali, Director of NIIT, and part of the U.S. Department of State/Pakistan Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) funded MAGGIE-NS project. I delivered several presentations ranging from How to Manage Research (at a workshop) to Monitoring the Internet (to undergraduate students) to < href="> Stanford University, NIIT and the Digital Divide (at a dinner with various ministers and NUST executives). I was also a guest/speaker at the first NUST/NIIT undergraduate convocation. I also had many meetings with undergraduates, graduates and faculty to define, plan and assign undergraduate (five month duration) and graduate (one year duration) projects. We also worked on an infrastructure to effectively co-supervise these projects and set realistic expectations using senior personnel from NIIT and SLAC.

To familiarise me with the needs for NIIT/higher Education and industry in Pakistan, Dr Ali also arranged valuable meetings/visits/discussions with:

I also met up with Dr. Michael Traynor a research analyst at the U.S. Center for Naval Analysis (CNA), Kevin Thomas a Science and Technology Officer at the US Embassy in Islamabad, as well as Dr. Mohammed Odeh and Prof. Richard McClatchey of the University of West England.

Follow up (besides the work with students on the MAGGIE-NS project) will include:

Part of the follow up will include meetings for Prof. Ali when he visits SLAC in March