PingER phone meeting between HEPNRC & SLAC 12/2/99

Rough notes by Les Cottrell
Attendees: Les Cottrell, Warren Matthews - SLAC; Bill Lidinsky, George Beranek and Shiqui He- HEPNRC.
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New person

George ( is now working 60% time for HEPNRC and will become full time next year.

Y2K issues

Y2K has caused several things to come together. The Sun needs to be upgraded to be Y2K compliant. Shiqi has experience in making such an upgrade. The PingER apps run under an AFS application on HEPNRC. the idea was to have made the data available worldwide by AFS. The version of AFS is also Y2K compliant, so since there is no use for it the logical thing is to get rid of it. Then there is the issue of the statistics being Y2K compliant, and also whether there are any Y2K SAS concerns. there are also some other things that need updating for Y2K. The idea is to get them all done a week before the FNAL closedown on Dec 23rd close of business. This takes top priority between now and the FNAL shutdown.

They will need to take down the system for the system upgrade for at least 0.5 to 1 day so will lose measurements made from FNAL. It is expects that they will be able to catch up in the gathering from other sites.


There has been little progress on the SAS from at HEPNRC apart from checking that they have the NT & Unix licenses. Next year they will start converting from Unix SAS to NT SAS. HEPNRC will be getting a review by a group selected by Bob Woods of the HENP division of DoE ER.  This will occur either on Jan 12-13, 2000 or Jan 19-20 2000. Given the holiday season coming up and the need to get Y2K issues resolved, realistically there will be little progress on PingER by HEPNRC until mid to end January.

Display of data from new monitoring sites

We clarified the issues here. Shiqi said he believes the new monitoring sites (ANSP, ESnet, RIKEN) were added to the gathering list some time ago, and the ILAN-NOC was added recently. In which case it appears to be a problem with the graphical reporting script ( Shiqi will look at on 12/3/99 and report back on what he finds.

Possible Projects for George

Warren will finish making the enhancements to to support a "send" and a "size" parameter in the configuration list of sites to ping. will then be frozen by Warren and it will be sent to HEPNRC for further testing. The inclusion of the size and send parameters is important as we extend the measurements to remote sites with limited bandwidth such as in Latin America, the Former Soviet Union, and Africa.. George will review the code, and look at the requested additions and make estimates for the effort required. We will then discuss the cost benefits of the proposed modifications and prioritize the work to be done. Les hopes to create a new Beacon site list by the end of  March 2000. Since this list will include countries with very limited bandwidth, it will be important to have a new version of ready for distribution by the end of March 2000, with at least support for the send and size parameters. This version of will then be frozen for at least 6 months so sites do not have to go through too many upgrades.

Next Meeting

There will be a phone meeting on January 27th, 2000 at 2pm.

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