PingER phone meeting between HEPNRC & SLAC 7/13/99

Rough notes by Les Cottrell

Attendees: Les Cottrell, Warren Matthews - SLAC; Bill Lidinsky, Shiqui He and Michael Henderson- HEPNRC.
Comments in bold face italics are action items.

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SCIC meeting de-brief

Les briefly covered the main relevant points from the SCIC meeting on 7/6/99. There were several presentations on recent upgrades or expected for the CERN, IN2P3, Japanese (see Update on Japan-EU), Italian (see, Canadian (see Canada Report) and German international links.

Dean Karlen of Canada reported that the performance between Canada & DFN is abysmal. A letter is being drafted by Michael Ernst to send to the DFN. A second letter has been drafted related to the KEK - European link to send the appropriate agencies in Japan and Europe. The satellite provider between DESY & the FSU has changed and they hope for better performance.

There has been very little activity from the working groups so far. They want to do a technology update and provide trends, Harvey Newman, Richard Mount & Micahel Ernst are on this WG. They want to provide some expectations on how networks will evolve, there may be some interesting data from the recent CERN tender.

Les Cottrell made a presentation on the network monitoring (see Status of SCIC Working Group on Network Monitoring).

The organizers of the Lepton Photon Conference '99, have asked Matthias Kassemman to make a 15 minute presentation on the SCIC activities. He will want 2-3 slides from the network monitoring people. he will put together a summary of what he is going to talk about, a week before the conference (9 Aug-99) and will circulate for comments.

The next SCIC meeting will be at CERN on Saturday November 3rd, 1999. We brainstormed on what should go into the 3 transparencies for Matthias. The following ideas were put forward:

This is more than will fit on 3 transparencies, so Les will go away an come up with a distillation.

PingER projects

SAS efforts at HEPNRC

We agreed to stick with the SAS database/analysis package at FNAL for another year. Michael will be going to SAS training this week. HEPNRC will look into purchasing SAS/ETS (for time series analysis) and SAS/STAT. They will also look at the SAS ODBC package for Unix which allow remote SQL access to the SAS database. Warren is working with CNRI to use the posgress database which is SQL com,pliant so hopefully the work could use SAS later. Bill is also looking at splitting off the archive onto its own machine which could help response time. When we get up to speed on SAS then it might be rewarding to think of using SAS for:

Generating alerts

We talked in the past about generating alerts from the data, e.g. by making rolling baseline measurements and comparing the current measurements to their probability and after some number are out of range raising alerts. Bill is going to look at whether he can hire a student to tackle this project. He will know something in 3 weeks.

Current SLAC projects

Other things SLAC is working on include:

Ongoing work at Oxford

John MacAllister was working on porting traceping to perl. We have requested an update, but have heard nothing for a couple of months. XIWT has added traceroute monitoing to their version of PingER and if we don't hear something from John soon, maybe we should go ahead and do something without John. Les will continue to try and make contact with John.

Wishlist items

Some other things on the wishlist include:

Next Meeting

This will be a phone meeting on Wednesday 28th July at 2pm PST.

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