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IEPM Status Reports

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Notes from recent Meetings or trip reports from IEPM members

PingER and IEPM meetingsOther ReportsTrip Reports 2000-2002
PingER Meetings between SLAC and FNAL/HEPNRC DL/SLAC meeting, 11/1/00, SLAC.
LBL DIDC and SLAC IEPM groups meeting at LBL 9/12/02
SLAC IEPM and LBL DISC groups meeting at SLAC 10/10/02
SLAC Internet 2 E2Epi meeting Jan 13 '03
Review of IEPM/PingER work for meeting with DoE/MICS, July 2001 (powerpoint or pdf).
Meeting between Rice & SLAC Nov 6, 2001
Meeting between LANL & SLAC Nov 14-15, 2001
Meeting between LANL, Rice & SLAC at DARPA/DoE Joint PI meeting, Washington, DC Jan 5, 2002.
Informal meeting between Rolf Riedi & Les Cottrell at SciDAC PI meeting, Washington Jan 16, '02.
INCITE voice meeting between SLAC and Rice, 3/27/02
INCITE Review May '02
IEPM-BW project and PPDG - meeting, Toronto Feb '02
Visit by Les Cottrell to NIIT, Pakistan, March 2005
US LHC Network WG meeting, Fermilab 23-24 October 2006.
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